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22/10/13 MCX gold silver volatile today | copper & nickel prices expecting to recover

Today commodity market open with a mixed trend in Indian market, Mcx gold and silver open slightly down against its last close. Gold prices volatile today ,it open at 29743 against its yesterday close of 29756. on Tuesday trading gold prices expected to trade within the range with a support of 29250 and a resistance of 30050. today white metal are looking weak in morning session , on early hour silver prices trade low with a sharp declined of 0.41% to 48975. on morning trade silver seem to be bearish however if we talk about overall trend its volatile , if silver price break a level of 49100 then buy in a deep.

 Today mentha oil supporting a bearish trend after open at positive side, mcx mentha oil open at 853.80 a slip below to 848.80 overall trend supporting a mixed trend .

 BUY GOLD DEC ABOVE 29760 TGT 29800/ 29860/ 29950 SL 29550

 BUY SILVER DEC ABOVE 49000 TGT 49150/ 49300/ 49650 SL 48500

 BUY COPPER NOV ABOVE 453 TGT 454/ 455/ 457 SL 450

 BUY NICKEL OCT ABOVE 891 TGT 893/ 896/ 900 SL 883