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MCX Base Metals Trade Under Pressure Today

After boom yesterday’s MCX Base metals are trading under pressure today .However Copper has managed to make the edge.This half year copper has seen an increase at around 7 percent and its prices are at a 3-month high.

However, the best performer has proved to be a lead, because this half year has seen an increase of about 14 percent.

However today the lead is trading below 1 percent. On the MCX, Aluminum has dropped 0.1 percent to Rs 125, while Copper is growing at 0.2 percent and is looking at around Rs 385. MCX zinc is trading up 0.3% at Rs 180 today.

Spectacular Recovery in MCX Base Metals @ MCX Copper tips free

There is a fantastic recovery in base MCX Base metals. Early fall is over. All metal, including copper are traded on the edge. MCX Copper rose 0.7 percent to Rs 317.5, while Aluminium has risen 0.5 percent. Nickel above Rs 685 with a gain of 0.6 percent have reached. MCX Lead is 0.4 percent and the price has reached Rs 138. Zinc with a gain of 0.8 percent to Rs 157.6 is reached.

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MCX Base Metal Sharp Fall Due to Greece Default @ Buy MCx Copper

Greece is on the verge of default, and it has had a major impact on commodity markets. Reduction in demand projected in the base metals have fallen sharply. Especially around 1.5 percent of the price of nickel is broken.About 5 percent of its value in just two trading days has lost. Currently these last 6 years has slipped to lower levels. The decline in copper has increased. Aluminium 0.71 percent to Rs 105 looks down while Copper also fell nearly 1 percent down to Rs 370 seems.

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