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Bullion Gold Silver Tips & Trading Updates for Today

The recovery in dollar from the lower level of 9 months has increased the pressure on gold in the global market and its price has come down to $ 1237, which is the lowest level of about five weeks. There has also been a fall in the holdings of the world’s largest gold fund SPDR Gold. However, in the last 6 months, gold has given investors an 8% return.

There is hardly 4 per cent increase in silver. In fact, the price of silver in the June quarter has dropped 9 percent. In this way, silver has given less returns during January to June 2017.

At present, MCX Gold is trading at Rs 28,370 with a decline of 0.25 percent. The MCX Silver is flat and is trading at Rs 38335.

@ Sold MCX Gold August at 28370, 28380 targets 28330, 28280 Stop Loss 28431.

@ Sold MCX Silver July at 38,350 to 38,335 targets 38230, 38130 Stop Loss 38489.

MCX Bullion Gold Silver Updates and trading levels for today

Prices of Gold on Thursday continued declines though of a very meager percentage. Gold has been trading in a skewed range between Rs 31,400 and Rs 30,600 per kg. The gains and losses in the last few sessions have been unnoticeable.

On Thursday, Gold closed at Rs 30945 per 10 grams, down 0.33%. Gold tested a high of Rs 31054 per 10 grams while a low of Rs 30851 per kg was hit during the day.

From here the resistance for Gold is at Rs 31250 per 10 grams, while supports are at Rs 30800 per 10 grams.

Today MCX Gold trading around 30950, So we recomnded buy MCX Gold at current market price targets 31065 stop loss 30875.

Comex Gold extended the grow Up @ Buy MCX Gold for Long term

The Federal Reserve has indicated that it is not in a hurry to raise interest rates. Meanwhile, Credit Suisse and UBS have raised estimates on gold. Both agencies are making $ 1500 in gold prices up further and can also accelerate.

However, yesterday the SPDR Gold ETF holdings have fallen sharply. Evacuation continues consistently in the domestic gold ETF. MCX gold is trading around 31150.

@ For Long term you can Buy MCX Gold around 31,000 target 32100, 32900 Stop Loss 30,100.