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MCX NCDEX Live Calls for Today Trading

MCX or NCDEX Trader we are giving Advice for Intraday Trading, call are given below.

MCX Intraday Trading Tips

Gold Tips: buy MCX Gold for Intraday Trading near at 29,200 October future targets 29265, 29315 Stop Loss 29141.

Silver Calls : Buy MCX Silver for september future contract near at 39,150 targets 39250, 39350 Stop Loss 39031.

Crude Oil: Buy MCX Crude Oil August future contract near 3090 targets 3110, 3130 Stop Loss 3063.

NCDEX Intraday Tips

Guar Seed : Buy NCDEX Guar Seed October Future near 3825 targets 3875, 3905 Stop Loss 3785.

Chana Tips: Buy NCDEX Chana September future near at 5300 for targets 5355, 5405 Stop Loss 5235.

Sell Sell Turmeric Commodity >> NCDEX Turmeric might be bearish in near term

Turmeric futures hit 4% lower circuit at 7132 on Wednesday and closed at 7138. Turmeric might touch 6830 levels in near term. Turmeric futures settled down due to favourable rainfall in major turmeric growing states.

Trading Calls NCDEX TMC

So you can Sell NCDEX Turmeric near at 7200 to 7100 targets 6950, 6757 stop loss 7373.

Castor seed rose with rise in export demand of castor oil @ Trading ideas By technical Expert

Castorseed might move upward due to strong demand of castor oil along with receding supplies in mandies. As per SEA of India the total exports of castor oil were reported at 49863 tonnes in may against 40533 tonnes of April due to strong demand from middle east and South east market.

Investment Ideas by Technical Expert

Buy NCDEX Castor Seed near at 3950 to 4000 targets 4110, 4210 stop loss 3841. you can hold it near at 5 july.