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What will be Impact petroleum Inventory report for Crude Oil

Today the Inventory Report of the US Petroleum Institute is on the way and the pressure in crude oil has increased today. The Sharara oil field has started again in Libya, and there is a possibility of increasing production from there. Let us tell you Libya production is not included in the deduction. Meanwhile, the production of OPEC in July this year has gone to record levels. In such cases, pressure on crude oil prices has remained constant. Crude oil in the global market is down by about 0.5 percent and recovery at NYMEX is running below $ 50.

in the domestic market MCX Crude Oil is trading near at 3170 with gain of 0.5 percent.

@Sell MCX Crude Oil for intraday at current market levels 3170 august targets 3145, 3125 Stop Loss 3205.

Heavy down fall in crude Oil Today @ MCX Trading Tips

Crude oil has come down heavily, and crude prices have dropped below $ 46 on NYMax. Even Brent is trading around 1 percent below. In fact, the production of OPEC in May has increased by 30.36 lakh barrels per day. Whereas the reserves of crude in the US have increased by 28 million barrels, while in China it is estimated to decrease demand. In this way, the global demand for crude is rising significantly below the average of last 10 years.

Crude oil on the MCX in the domestic market is showing a weakness of 0.6 percent and trading around Rs 2,965.

Trading Tips & Range for Today

Today MCX Crude Oil trading range is 2915 to 3031. Sell MCX Crude Oil for intraday near at 2965 targets 2928, 2890 Stop Loss 3016.

MCX Crude Tips, Calls & Free Advice for Today

Crude oil is trading below Rs 3,000 in the domestic market. However, in the global market, crude is trying to absorb from the lower level. However, Brent’s price is below $ 48. In fact, the supply from the US and Libya is expected to increase. After this, the price of crude has dropped 12 percent since May 25.

At present MCX Crude oil is trading below by 0.7 percent at rs 2,925. today morning MCX Crude oil was opened at 2935 and it was fall touch the lower levals of 2910.

We are expted after down fall Crude Will give strong recovery today. So you can Buy MCX Crude oil with current market rate near at 2925 june future with targets 2945, 2965 Stop loss 2497.

MCX Crude oil declines, Brent Crude breaks more than 1% Today

Today MCX Crude oil is focus in the non-agri commodity market. The Crude decline has increased and Brent has fallen nearly 1 percent. In the domestic market, crude prices have also come down to 3305. In fact, the US is planning to sell crude oil from its reserve.

According to the White House proposal, the US can sell half its reserve of crude oil from 2018. At present, the US has about 68.8 million barrels of strategic reserves of crude oil. In such a situation, Goldman Sachs has expressed the possibility of over-crude overs supply in the global market next year.

Trading Tips

#Buy MCX Crude Oil June when it’s come down 3280 to 3290 trgets 3325, 3345Stop Loss 3255.