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MCX Crude Prices Incrsed by Global market Support @ Buy Crude

Crude oil prices have been rising and Brent’s price is upwards of $ 55 in the global market. Indeed, in August, Saudi Arabia’s crude exports have come down. Although the production of shell Crude is estimated to increase in the US The pressure from the upper level has also started. Today, the rupee has a weak rupee against the dollar and the price of 1 dollar is upwards of 64 rupees.

Crude oil on MCX is looking bullish on chart and It is trading around Rs. 3200 with 0.2 percent weakness.

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Boom in crude oil due to cut production by US Energy Department @ Free MCX Daily Crude Tips

The US Energy Department has cut crude oil production estimates in the US. EIA has said that due to the Harvey storm, it is possible to produce 92.5 million barrels of average daily this year, whereas last month the agency had estimated the production of 93.5 million barrels. EIA has also cut the crude production estimate for 2018. In such a situation, the prices of crude went up yesterday and Brent’s price was $ 54 and WTI crude crossed $ 48. However, today the pressure in the dollar is showing pressure from the upper level.

Currently, Crude oil on MCX is trading around Rs. 3090 with a slight decline of 0.15 percent. Natural Gas is trading at 0.13 percent and It is trading at 193.2.

MCX Crude Oil Tips

@Buy MCX Crude Oil September future above 3100 targets 3125, 3150 Stop loss 3073.

Crude oil boom due to Production decreases in America

Crude oil boom due to Production decreases in the US.Crude oil has risen and its price has reached the top of 10 days. Brent Crude has gone across $ 47. Prices have been supported by the decline in production in the US. Crude oil prices are also getting increased due to the loss of gasoline stock. WTI crude has gone up by 45% to $ 45. In fact, the production of crude oil in the US last week has reduced nearly one million barrels.

At present, crude oil is trading above Rs 2,910 on the MCX with a surge of 0.15% today.

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Crude Oil Sell Calls for Today @ Crude Trend Down

Crude oil is trading flat and Brent’s price has fallen below $ 47 in the global market. At the same time, WTI crude is trading at $ 44, which is the lowest level of last seven months. In the last three weeks, crude oil prices have dropped by almost 15 percent. In fact, Libya’s production has increased and the US is also increasing production, so the pressure on prices is increasing. Today the rupee has weakened against the dollar and the price of 1 dollar is worth 64.5 rupees.

The decline in crude oil has deepened. Currently, crude oil on MCX has fallen 0.5 percent and it is trading at Rs. 2880. In fact, crude in the global market is at the bottom of the 7 month level.

Tips for Today: Intraday Trader can Sold MCX Crude Oil  july Contract near at 2880 targets 2845, 2815 Stop Loss 2923.