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Bullion Gold Silver Tips & Trading Updates for Today

The recovery in dollar from the lower level of 9 months has increased the pressure on gold in the global market and its price has come down to $ 1237, which is the lowest level of about five weeks. There has also been a fall in the holdings of the world’s largest gold fund SPDR Gold. However, in the last 6 months, gold has given investors an 8% return.

There is hardly 4 per cent increase in silver. In fact, the price of silver in the June quarter has dropped 9 percent. In this way, silver has given less returns during January to June 2017.

At present, MCX Gold is trading at Rs 28,370 with a decline of 0.25 percent. The MCX Silver is flat and is trading at Rs 38335.

@ Sold MCX Gold August at 28370, 28380 targets 28330, 28280 Stop Loss 28431.

@ Sold MCX Silver July at 38,350 to 38,335 targets 38230, 38130 Stop Loss 38489.

Gold Silver Boom Due to Global cues @ Trading Levels MCX Bullion for Today

MCX Gold has risen and its price has increased almost 1 percent in the domestic market. In fact, gold is trading near $ 1250 in the global market. In the meantime silver has also risen and its price has crossed Rs 39,000. There has been an increase of about 4 percent in the last ten days. In fact, the price of silver in the global market has increased by about 6%.

MCX Gold: Gold trading range for the day is 27968 to 28198.

MCX Silver: Silver trading range for the day is 38505 to 38895.