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Gold Silver Fallen After Fed Meeting Result @ Buy MCX Gold Intraday Tips

After two days’ meeting, the US Fed did not make any changes in interest rates, but this year gave strong signs of increasing rates. So, the pace of gold has come to an end and the price has come down to the lowest level in the last three weeks. From the recovery of the dollar, Gold on commex has come down to $ 1,300 and this is about 5 percent dipping from this year’s height. It is believed that further fall in gold can be a cause of decline. There is also a weak Silver.

Gold has broken more than Rs. 250 in the domestic market today. MCX Gold has been fallen inspite rupee weakness. Silver has also dropped sharply with its price dropping by almost 500 rupees.

@ Buy Gold for Intraday october future above 29500 targets 29575, 29650 Stop Loss 29411.

Gold Prices declines Today due to global cues @ Free Bullion Commodity Tips

Gold prices in the international market have improved from the lower level. The dollar was again getting weakness and prices were getting support. After the North Korean Missile launch, there was good boom in gold yesterday. The price of gold on the commerce reached 9 months at the upper level. However, due to low geopolitical tension, pressure is seen in gold at the moment.

In the domestic market MCX Gold is falling by 0.5 percent to Rs 29530, MCX Silver is also trading at Rs 39600 with a weak 0.6 percent.

@ Sold MCX Goold october future contract below 29530 target 29480, 29430 Stop Loss 29611.

@ Sold MCX Silver for intraday Trading.

Gold Silver : Updates and Trading Tips

On MCX, gold is trading above Rs. 29120 with an increase of 0.5%. At the same time, MCX silver has moved above Rs. 39155 with the strength of 0.65 percent.

Gold Tips: Buy MCX Gold for Intraday october future near at 29,100 to 29,120 targets 29170, 29215.

Silver MCX Tips: Buy MCX Silver September future 39,100 to 39,155 targets 39255, 39355 Stop Loss 38989.

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Bullion Gold Silver Tips & Trading Updates for Today

The recovery in dollar from the lower level of 9 months has increased the pressure on gold in the global market and its price has come down to $ 1237, which is the lowest level of about five weeks. There has also been a fall in the holdings of the world’s largest gold fund SPDR Gold. However, in the last 6 months, gold has given investors an 8% return.

There is hardly 4 per cent increase in silver. In fact, the price of silver in the June quarter has dropped 9 percent. In this way, silver has given less returns during January to June 2017.

At present, MCX Gold is trading at Rs 28,370 with a decline of 0.25 percent. The MCX Silver is flat and is trading at Rs 38335.

@ Sold MCX Gold August at 28370, 28380 targets 28330, 28280 Stop Loss 28431.

@ Sold MCX Silver July at 38,350 to 38,335 targets 38230, 38130 Stop Loss 38489.