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MCX base Metals Updates @ Zinc & Lead Free Tips

The Base Metal has declined today. All metal are trading down, yet Copper except under pressure. The decline in Aluminium is high. Zinc has also slipped from the upper level of 10 years. There is also a weak business on the London Metal Exchange.

@ Buy MCX lead August future above 148.85 targets 150, 151 Stop loss 147.5.

@ Buy MCX Zinc august above 199.5 targets 200.6, 201.7 Stop Loss 198.7.

MCX Base Metals dropped Sharply Today @ Copper, Nickel Free Calls

Base metal has dropped sharply from the upper level and all metal, including copper, has broken 0.5 to 1 percent on the London Metal Exchange. Even with the LME, there has been a decline in metal in China. The worst fall has come in the lead. In fact, China is going to ban copper and lead scrap imports. So the sentiment of the metal market has worsened.

MCX Metals Calls for Today

Copper Tips: Buy Copper august near at 414.9 targets 416.1, 417.3 Stop Loss 413.2.

Nickel Tips: Buy Nickel august future near at 687.5 targets 689.5, 691.5 Stop Loss 686.

Boom in Aluminum Base Metals Today due to production Reduction

Generally, prices of Aluminum used in packaging and auto sector are increasing rapidly and today the domestic market has reached the level of 130. In fact, Aluminum has crossed the level of $ 2000 per tonne on the London Metal Exchange, which has a record level of about three and a half years and during this year, there has been an increase of about 19 percent in Aluminum. Actually, citing environmental reasons, China has banned 32 million tonnes of Aluminum production companies, which produce nearly 9 percent of total Aluminum in China. Almost half of the world’s Aluminum is in China. In this way, China’s move has increased the fear of Aluminum crisis in the global market.

In the meantime, the demand has increased, MCX Copper has also gone up to 2.5 years. Zinc and Nickel are also trading on the edge. At present, Aluminum is trading at Rs 129.15 with a rise of 0.3% on MCX. Copper is trading at 0.14 percent with a marginal increase of 414.4. Nickel is trading at Rs 686.7 with an increase of 0.4 percent. Lead is trading 0.5 percent and is trading at Rs 152.6. Zinc has increased 0.4 percent to 187.7 rupees.

MCX Base Metals Sharp fall Due to global cues @ Trading Tips

Base Metals have fallen sharply today. Copper has come at 1-month low in the domestic market. Nickel, lead and zinc fell more. In fact, China has increased the property vigorously. The estimated decrease in demand for the metal, which has had an impact on prices.

MCX Alumimuim has broken at around 0.5 percent at Rs 117. MCX Copper has broken more than one percent today at Rs 366. Nickel fell 2 percent to Rs 690.5 has come. Lead about 2 percent is trading at Rs 136 with osteoporosis. Zinc 2.8 percent, to Rs 168.9 has come.

You can @Buy MCX Copper February at around 366 targets 368.5, 369.8 Stop Loss 364.3.