SEBI has Issued Guidelines on Commodity Options

SEBI has issued guidelines on commodity options. Under this, options trading in commodity futures has been approved. According to SEBI, only one options contract has been approved as a pilot project. In which non-Agri commodity options will require a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore daily. For the options of Agri futures, a turnover of Rs 200 crore per day will be necessary. Commodity exchanges will decide on which commodities will be traded in the present moment.

MCX is going to start trading options in gold, for which there is strong preparation for MCX. Commodity options are a new way of hedging in commodity, which will facilitate hedging in commodities, but before that what is the commodity options.

Options, an agreement that entitles the buyer to buy, but does not necessarily decide whether to buy or sell at any price or before the fixed time. Under call option futures, hedges can be hedged for protection against rising prices, which offers unlimited profitability. At the same time, with the possibility of limited profit under the put option, falling prices get protection.

Put Contract can benefit farmers, which gives them an opportunity to sell at a fixed price already.

Boom in Agri Commodity soybean for Today Trading

Soybean has risen and its price has gone up by almost 1% in futures. The thing to note is that in the mandis, the arrival of new Soybean has started. Despite this the price has increased. In fact, there is possibility of loss of soybean crop in Madhya Pradesh due to heavy rains. In such a situation, prices got support.

Let us tell you in Eastern Madhya Pradesh that has received 3.5 times more rainfall in the last 24 hours. In western Madhya Pradesh, 7x more rains have been recorded than normal. There may be heavy rains in some areas of Western Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, the rise in rupee and the rise in Oil Seeds, the oil of oil has started to become expensive again.

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Gold Silver Fallen After Fed Meeting Result @ Buy MCX Gold Intraday Tips

After two days’ meeting, the US Fed did not make any changes in interest rates, but this year gave strong signs of increasing rates. So, the pace of gold has come to an end and the price has come down to the lowest level in the last three weeks. From the recovery of the dollar, Gold on commex has come down to $ 1,300 and this is about 5 percent dipping from this year’s height. It is believed that further fall in gold can be a cause of decline. There is also a weak Silver.

Gold has broken more than Rs. 250 in the domestic market today. MCX Gold has been fallen inspite rupee weakness. Silver has also dropped sharply with its price dropping by almost 500 rupees.

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MCX NCDEX Intraday Commodity Tips for Today

MCX Tips for Today

Crude Tips: Sold MCX Crude Oil September near 3190 targets 3170, 3150 Stop loss 3222.

Copper tips: Sell MCX Copper November 426.1 targets 424.6, 423.1 Stop loss 428.

NCDEX Tips for Today

Guar Seed: Buy NCDEX Guar Seed November above 3700 targets 3735, 3770 Stop loss 3661.

Soyabean : Buy NCDEX Soyabean above 3100 targets 3130, 3160 Stop loss 3071.

Dhaniya (Coriander)Tips: Buy NCDEX Dhnaiya above 4870 taregts 4920, 4970 Stop Loss 4831.