Commodity level for evening trading

On commodity market a lots of disturbance is expected with high trend, today on morning trading session a high bearish trend is watch on market with a declined in top commodity.

Buy gold October  if gold break the level of 31500 while in downside sell in deep.

Similarly in silver buy silver for December above 53750 with a large target while sell if cross the level of 53200.

crude oil also trading below 7000 under pressure due to depreciation in dollar price,today on early morning crude oil watched in positive side but lower support

back in downside and for future delivery made a low of 6953.

MCX copper and nickel prices following a bearish trend in downfall direction with a heavy fall on Tuesday, copper prices made a low of 468.50 on inraday trading for future delivery, while nickel made a low of 883.30 .

on evening session some bounce back look so buy copper above 472 while sell in deep if it break a level of 467.

sell nickel below 882 if break level otherwise buy above 892.